Shili Automotive Accessories co., LTD is a company carrying out the "people-oriented" management concept. The "people-
oriented" management philosophy is: people is the starting point and center in the process of production and management. We should focus on inspiring and motivating the enthusiasm of people to initiate and create work. We emphasize the
understanding of human nature and set up the people-centered management to understand people, respect people, liberate
people, rely on people, care people,cherish people, cultivate people, educate people.
Shili’s enterprise objective: Customer Satisfaction, Employee Satisfaction, Company satisfaction, Social satisfaction fully
reflects thecompany's implementation of the "people-oriented" management philosophy.
Customer satisfaction: our company requires all departments to approach customers with a sincere attitude, and patiently
solve customers' questions and respond to customers' needs. In the production aspect, we strictly control everything,
striving to achieve perfect balance between quality efficiency and price to achieve on time delivery and stable product quality.
Employee satisfaction: our company respects all employees and creates an equal and harmonious working atmosphere. We
create a good living and working environment as well. We guide and educate our staff and adopt appropriate methods to
achieve the purpose of motivating staff and to build a first-class team. By understanding employees, building a proper
communication platform, we let employees work freely to solve all problems with efficiency and quality.
Company satisfaction: over years, we constantly improve ourselves in all perspectives. Every process of production, every
business of sales and every aspect of management have been carefully improved. Our long-term experience accumulation
and improvement of technology make product become perfect gradually. With Years of successful businesses, we have built
a loyaland high-quality customer group.  To achieve standard management, we have been kept executing International
Automotive Task Force 16949 management system.
Social satisfaction: our company positively takes the social responsibility of the enterprise. Every year, we cooperate with the local community to organize the staff to hold charity activities and pay back to the community. At the same time, we care
about the potential fire risks and cooperate with the fire troop. In order to achieve safety and green production, which matter
nearby residents and our employees’ lives, we check our plant regularly and improve our devices and methods.